Landscaping in Ladue

Modern landscaping is no walk in the park. Even when homeowners in Ladue do their research on good landscape design, they might fail to take into account that landscaping and lawn maintenance are hard work! There’s more to it than picking some colorful flowers and slapping down a layer of sod.

If you’re looking to keep landscaping costs low by doing-it-yourself, Omni Land Care Inc urges you to keep in mind these common mistakes lawn care amateurs too often make. Not sure about something? Give us a call! We’ll be happy to show you how the pros can do it for less than you’d think.

1. Planting the Wrong Type of Flora in the Garden

Summers in Ladue are paradise, but no matter how high the mercury rises outside, you’ll never be able to grow pineapples in your garden!

The best modern landscaping takes stock of many factors: the soil acidity, the humidity, the climate, where the shady spots in your garden are, and how much rainfall you’ll get in a year. Experienced landscaping companies will know both local and foreign plants that can adapt to Missouri life.

Homeowners who want to save on landscaping costs might choose plants just because they like the look of them. Trust the professionals at Omni Land Care Inc to do better and know what plants are best for your landscaping needs.

2. Forgetting About Curb Appeal

Bigger isn’t always better. Don’t neglect your backyard just because it’s the larger area! A big factor in the appearance of your home is how it looks from the front. Sure, you might only see it when you’re pulling in your driveway, but a well-designed curb is the first thing that greets visitors.

3. Trimming the Lawn too Short

Lawn maintenance is tricky stuff. But if your lawn care strategy is to nuke the front lawn every six weeks, forget it. Cutting the lawn too short can leave weakened patches in your lawn, perfect for fungi to exploit.

A healthy lawn is one that’s trimmed regularly but kept longer. Need advice? Call us!

4. Explosions of Color

This is the kitchen-sink strategy. When you’re designing a landscape, it can be tempting to overload the front garden with the biggest and showiest flowers around.

But landscape design is about cohesion, not competition. Too many vivid flowers at competing heights next to one another doesn’t look elegant, it looks flashy.

At Omni Land Care Inc we’re all about choosing elegant and subtle palettes that suit the look and feel of your whole home.

5. Not Thinking About Height

The best yards and gardens have one thing in common: they work on multiple levels. It’s essential to good landscaping to break up sections by height and adjust the height of your garden by adding planters, shrubs, and various pots. This creates an engaging space that feels lush and full.

Trust the Expert

We’ve been one of Missouri’s favorite landscaping companies as long as long as we’ve been in business. And as trusted local landscapers, we’ll go the extra mile to bring you quality service and a beautiful home. Call us for a no-obligation consultation today!