Landscape Designs in Ladue

Inspired Landscape Designs in Ladue

Are you bored with the greenspace surrounding your Ladue home or business? Do you feel that it lacks creativity but can’t figure out what to do about it? Have you every wondered what a professional touch would do to it? If yes, you’re in the right place! Omni Land Care Inc is a leader in landscaping services in Ladue.

We have designed many inspiring and conceptually exciting landscapes around the area. A quick look at our Showcase is all the proof you need. Whether you’re looking for a new garden or an old garden revamped, a delightful curving path among bushes and flowers, gorgeous exotic trees, or the magic of an ever-flowing water feature, we’re your number one choice!

Landscaping for Home and Garden

When you take the time to relax in your backyard, do you want to feel lethargic and bored? Or do you want to be stimulated and fascinated by the natural beauty that surrounds you? If we were going to guess, most people would choose the second. We know that we would. That’s why we’re landscapers!

And if you prefer lethargy and boredom… well consider it our goal to convince you otherwise. Our goal at Omni Land Care Inc is to bring your backyard or front yard to life. We want to give it a sense of movement. A sense of possibility and growth.

Consider a simple example. What can a bird bath do for your garden? It’s not going to help your plants to grow. But it will give your eyes a solid, angular focal point that helps to make the soft flowers around it appear more vibrant and the bushes fuller. It also attracts birds which will come to cool down on hot summer days. This kind of simple object which we can install in a garden landscaping project can dramatically alter your entire experience of the garden.

Give us a call and let’s start with a consultation. That way you can let us know what you want and we can work on a design together.

Landscaping for Ladue Businesses

We also do a lot of commercial landscaping for businesses around Ladue. Whether it’s for a small grass median, a garden by the front door, or a sprawling park, Omni Land Care Inc has your landscaping needs covered. We can install a variety of trees and plants. Our work on shrubbery has become well known in the region for the high level of attention and care that we offer in both the creation and maintenance.

On top of our outdoor work, we also design atriums with stonework, water features, and plants. It’s amazing what a little bit of greenery can do to create lasting impressions on your customers and clients!

Client Satisfaction Guarantee

There’s nothing we love more than happy customers. It’s why we got into the business in the first place! That’s why we put every bit of experience and knowledge into our work. The final result is sure to blow you away.

Contact us today for a consultation and site visit!